Looking to stop snoring. I don't have sleep apnea. My ENT suggests having my deviated septum fixed?

I snore very loud. I went to an ent and he gave me a nasal spray that helped for a couple months and then stopped working. I went back to him and he recommended I get my deviated septum fixed I told him I wasn't completely convinced so he gave me an afrin type spray and told me to take it for 3 days if it helped they the surgery would be right for me. well it worked and I slept great. My ent think I should get it and family dr doesn't not think I should. ???

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Looking to stop snoring I don't have sleep apnea. Septoplasty?

A thorough examination of the nose and throat is required  before making any determination about what may be causing the snoring. Snoring is typically caused by  a harmonic vibration  of the  soft palate, which is made worse by nasal obstruction. If the deviation of the nasal septum is significant and causing severe restriction  of breathing out of the nose, consider having it fixed. 

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Snoring Treatment

Snoring can be caused my multiple factors.  With regards to anatomy, areas of the throat and nose can play a role in snoring.  A floppy soft palate and uvula in the back of the throat can cause snoring.  With regards to the nose, a deviated septum/enlarged nasal turbinates/nasal valve collapse can all cause snoring.  Nasal turbinate hypertrophy can lead to snoring.  This is a condition which can be corrected with nasal sprays many times, and in cases where medications do not work surgery is recommended.  Nasal valve collapse can sometimes be alleviated with breath rite strips.  If this fails, nasal airway reconstruction with cartilage grafting will be indicated.  Nasal sprays and medications will not correct a deviated septum.  A deviated septum is an anatomic obstruction.  The only way this is corrected is via surgery.  If you stated that your symptoms were solved with Afrin, I am not totally convinced you problem is a deviated septum.  I would suggest perhaps getting a second opinion.  Good Luck. 

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Looking to stop snoring. I don't have sleep apnea. My ENT suggests having my deviated septum fixed?

While having your deviated septum corrected there may be other non surgical methods to curb your snoring. Sleep position, teeth grinding and even nasal strips can prove to be worthwhile items to research first. Good luck.

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