Labiaplasty post op question?

I see a lot of post about salt/sits baths post op. This was not included in my post op instructions and I was told not to do them. Will avoiding sitz baths affect my recovery? Post op instructions also didn't included any ointment application or anything like that. I was told I can't take a bath for 2 weeks...does this sound accurate? Thanks!

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Labiaplasty Post Op Instructions

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Thank you for posting you interesting post operative labiaplasty questions. As you know, there are different techniques for labiaplasty. Therefore, the surgeons may have different post operative instructions. I recommend that you follow your Board Certified Plastic Surgeon's post operative instructions. Please follow up with your plastic surgeon for further clarification of your post operative instructions. My Rapid Recovery Labiaplasty technique, not only has excellent cosmetic results, but the post operative care is relatively simple. Patients can take a Sitz bath the next day and can apply Aquaphore ointment along the incisions for the first week. Fortunately, the labia tissue is used to some bacteria, has an excellent blood supply and routinely heals well without infection. Best wishes, Dr. Richard Swift

Labiaplasty and post-op instructions

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Surgeons may use different methods and so post-operative instructions may differ as well. It's best to trust and follow your surgeon's specific recommendations since they are caring for you.  There are many "right" ways to manage individuals after surgery and each practitioner develops their preferences based on their experiences and training.

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Dr.. Pedy Ganchi                                                                                                                                                       Village Plastic Surgery

If you were specifically told not to take baths, why are you asking the internet if it's OK?

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Step one in a good recovery after any surgery is to follow your doctor's instructions. Follow them. If you need to hear it again because you don't trust your doctor, here it is: don't take tub baths if you have stitches in your labia or vagina because the tissues and stitches will loosen and possibly break. You don't need ointment either. You already knew these things.

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Thanks for your question.

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It is best to consult with your doctor, which it seems you have. We allow our patients to bathe the next day. We use a skin glue to seal the incisions, which allow for normal gentle showering and bathing. Sits baths can cause the incisions to get too soft and macerated, and potentially cause the sutures to breakdown sooner, potentially resulting in wound separation. 

Since we do not know the specific technique used in your surgery, type of sutures, etc. it would be difficult and ill advised for any one of us to to give you instructions that would potentially conflict with those of your surgeon's. Discuss your concerns with your surgeon and get a good explanation for why bathing is to be avoided for two weeks. I can understand why that would upset you. Best of luck. 

Post-op instructions for labiap[lasty

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Yes, sounds exactly accurate. No need for occlusive ointments. While rinses & showers are fine, I also advise against immersion for 10-14 days after labiaplasty. You have a savvy surgeon. See weblink below...


Michael P Goodman, MD

Davis, CA, USA

To Sitz or Not to Sitz

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Hi ski6385,
Thank you for your question. I don't recommend sitzs baths or any ointment in my post op instructions. I also don't recommend tub bath for 4 weeks. OK to shower and wash the surgical area gently with warm water and mild soap. Avoid using anything that can snag a stitch while you are washing down there..Icing is very important to keep down the swelling. Hope that helps. Enjoy your outcome!
Dr. Jennifer S. Hayes, DO, FACOOG
Cosmetic Vaginal Surgeon

Labiaplasty postop question?

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Thank you for sharing your excellent question.  I do not recommend sitz baths as they can accelerate the breakdown of the sutures used to close your incisions, but do favor the use of ointment along your incisions to help speed recovery.  Talk to your surgeon as to their specific postoperative protocols.  Hope this helps

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