Wedding 30 days after breast augmentation, how shall I proceed?

30 days after my breast augmentation surgery, I am attending my mom's wedding and it is imperative I look the part since I am her maid of honor. What would be the best way to proceed 30 days post op? Is it okay to wear pasty's? Should I wear a non-wire bra? Is it okay to walk around in heels? Should I change after the ceremony into something more comfortable? What can I expect and what should I avoid?

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Wedding 30 days after Breast Augmentation

Hi Always coffee,
Thanks for your question. At 30 days you can start to do somethings. The healing process is about 50% done in terms of your scar strength. I would recommend no underwire for at least 6 weeks. It terms of the rest, I would certainly say that you are fine to enjoy the wedding as if you had not had surgery other than NOT overusing your arms or pecs muscles too much. Pasty's, heels are fine. Good Luck and enjoy the wedding!

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Wedding 30 days after breast augmentation, how shall I proceed?

Congrats to your mom and to you. So much of this is up to your surgeon. If you were my patient I would say no wire for 3 months. Shoes don't matter one bit at all. I always am for being comfortable at the after party so if you want to change go for it but it will have no affect on your healing. As to pasty's by all means go for it. It should also have no affect on your healing at all. Hope this helps.Sincerely,
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Wedding 30 days after breast augmentation, how shall I proceed?

By 1 month after your breast augmentation if your operation goes properly  you should feel an look fairly normal although 6 weeks is a much more reliable time point after surgery.  A lot will depend on the location of the implant, under or over the muscle and the size of the implant used.  Smaller implants in the 350 cc or less range 10 to look normal quicker than implants over 350 cc I agree you need to discuss this in detail with your plastic surgeon.

Clothing options after augmentation

Thank you for asking. Your options will depend on your implant size, technique and general clothing goals you have. Most patients do not wear underwire bras at that timeframe but your individual case and clothing fitting options should be discussed with your PS. Best wishes and congrats!

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Check with your surgeon

You should check with your surgeon as every surgeon has different post op instructions. The best source of information is your surgeon and any material given to you by your surgeon's office!Good luck!

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