Will I lose to much weight with the gastric sleeve? (photos)

I already had a consultation and was approved for the gastric sleeve. However, I forgot to ask my surgeon a very important question and that question is "Will I lose too much weight?". I am 21 years old I have been struggling with my weight since I could remember. My highest weight was 232lbs and managed to get to 131lbs but now I am currently at 167lbs I am 5'1" and have a BMI of 30. Even though I got approved I'm afraid I will lose to much weight and be underweight.

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It Depends

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too much weight loss is not a problem with the gastric sleeve unless you develop some anorexia.  You will be able to keep enough nutrition to get to a good weight and stay there.  The key for long term success with the operation is to work on changing what you eat. Good luck!

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