I'm on my last invisalign tray for my top teeth and they are still not straight?

I'm now on the final tray for my top teeth but I don't feel like my teeth are straight after the treatment. I do not want braces and have thought a lot about getting implants on my top four teeth to make them straight. Would I be a good candidate for implants or cosmetic surgery? I started off with a severe over jet and have been told my whole life the only thing that will correct it is jaw surgery, but this seems extreme..

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Dear mslexxx,

Thank you for posting your questions on RealSelf.  I will do my best to provide an answer with the information provided.  

Regarding alternatives to treatment, it is difficult to advise without photos and orthodontic records.  I recommend scheduling an appointment with your Invisalign doctor to go over your options.  I would also ask your doctor for referrals to a cosmetic dentist and an oral surgeon.  You want to be educated as much as possible before making a decision on what is best to obtain your desired results.

Regarding Invisalign results, It is not uncommon to need additional aligners to do some final detailing.  I recommend addressing your concerns with your Invisalign provider.

I hope that this helps and best of luck.

Dr. Jenn

Teeth aren't straight and on last Invisalign tray....#DrSoftTouch

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Without photos it's impossible to provide options as an alternative to orthodontic treatment. Invisalign is accurate in predicting tooth movement, but it's not uncommon to need a refinement at the end of a treatment to finish prior to retainers because sometimes teeth don't move as expected. Did your doctor show you your Clincheck before starting Invisalign? This would have allowed you to see your predicted tooth movements and your final result before beginning treatment. I would recommend discussing your concerns with your dentist and a refinement if necessary to achieve optimal results. I hope this helps. Click save on the save button below my name, so that you may ask me more questions in the future.

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