I have had breast augmentation and am still wearing sport bras. Is it still necessary?

I had breast augmentation 2.5 years ago and I am a practicing Chiropractor. I wear heavy sport bras that zip up the front and they smash my breasts to keep them tight. I adjust many people a day and my pec muscle was so tight during the surgery the surgeon had to ask the anesthesiologist to add more muscle relaxer in order to get under the muscle. My question? Must I continue to wear these heavy bras or have these implants settled into a position where they will no longer get pushed around.

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Sports Bra after Breast Augmentation

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Thank you for your question. It is not necessary to wear a sports bra 2.5 years post breast augmentation unless you do it for your own comfort. 

Prolonged wearing of Sports Bra after Breast Augmentation

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In GENERAL, patients wear sport bras (or no bra) for a number of weeks post op in order to allow the implants to settle into place. Textured implants frequently take longer to settle than do smooth breast implants. The number of weeks varies from surgeon to surgeon and from patient to patient but in nearly all ROUTINE cases, it is over in less than six months, even if the implants are textured. However, if a patient is still being asked to wear sports bras 2 and a half years later, one must ask what else is going on. It may be that the patient has implants that are too high and the surgeon is hoping that they will settle non surgically  (At this late date, they usually do not self correct). It may be that the patient has inferior descent (double bubble) and the surgeon doesn't want pressure from an underwire on the inferior aspect of the implant, especially if the implants are very large. Current advise: Send photos with arms down in relaxed position. And ask the surgeon if there is something unusual about this current post op course that necessitates prolonged wearing of the sports bra. If all fails, get examined by a board certified plastic surgeon with experience in less than ideal post surgical scenarios. You may be glad that you did.

I have had breast augmentation and am still wearing sport bras. Is it still necessary?

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They are almost completely settled after 3 months so you for sure do not need to continue wearing a a tight support bra.

Richard J. Brown, MD
Scottsdale Plastic Surgeon
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Use of sports bra after breast augmentation

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Hello, every surgeon will have their own recommendations regarding use of bras after surgery so your own physician will be the best source of advice.  The majority of my patients are wearing any bra they choose by 4-6 weeks postop. 


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Hello and thank you for your question. I do not suggest wearing any bra that smashes your breasts. It can cause other possible health problems for you in the future. I suggest going back to see the doctor that performed the surgery with any questions you may have regarding post surgery. Best wishes!

Sam Speron, MD
Chicago Plastic Surgeon

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