I had lower blepharoplasty left eye still has a visible puffy bag underneath. Will revision surgery correct this?

It has been 6 months since the procedure; I am 56 years old and it seems like this puffiness could be removed like the other eye and will this not worsen over time and become more prevalent? The right eye looks great....

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When puffiness persists on one side

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following a lower lid blepharoplasty, its likely to be residual fat pads and removing it would require a revision.  Off label use of Kybella could be considered as well as ThermiLift at fat melting temperatures but risks must be considered and reviewed and accepted by you.

Residual puffy bag after lower bleph

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Thanks Cindy for your question. A picture would be very helpful.  A revisional surgery is possible. Discuss your concerns with your surgeon and get your options. Good luck. 

Revision, repeat lower blepharoplasty is usually possible

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Need photo for more accurate response but the general answer is yes, revision or repeat lower blepharoplasty can be done if residual fat bags are present. See following link for more details. See an oculoplastic surgeon.

A photo would be very helpful to better understand your concern.

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Has your surgeon recommended revisional surgery?  At 6 months you have your surgical result.  If you are dissatisfied with the results, talk with your surgeon.  If you have had a breakdown with your surgeon, it is reasonable to seek a second opinion.

Kenneth D. Steinsapir, MD
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Blepharoplasty Results

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Good Morning and thank you for using RealSelf.com.

Revision surgery after blepharoplasty is not that uncommon.  Every surgeon wants to take the exact amount of fat and skin to get the best result.  However, when the patient is lying on their back, it is sometimes difficult to exactly determine how much fat needs to be removed.  At the same time, surgeons know it is easier to take more fat in the future then have to repair a hollow appearance to the eye area.

So, yes revision surgery will help.  You did not add a picture so none of us can tell you if you need more fat removed or maybe some skin tightening.  Both can be done under local anesthesia in the office setting.

I prefer to wait around 6 months but no sooner.

On a personal basis, I just had my eyelid surgery two months ago.  I still see some puffiness but am not sure it is fat or swelling or maybe some skin laxity.  Just like you, I will wait a total of six months to see my result.

Dr Spies

Puffiness 6 months post Blepharoplasty

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Thank you for sharing your question. Without in person evaluation or seeing a photo, it is difficult to give proper guidance. It sounds like you need surgical revision. See your doctor for follow up examination.  Good luck,

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