Healing after reduction/lift?

I had breast reduction/lift surgery 9 days ago and I have light bleeding/drainage at the incision spots. Is this normal and should I do anything about it. the size is about the size of a 50 cent piece. Thanks

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Healing after reduction/lift.

It sounds as if you have had some wound #breakdown. It is one of the complications of having this surgery and usually can be managed with local wound care. One thing you should know, is that every person and every #incision heals differently. You breast reduction incisions can even heal differently on each of your breasts. To increase your chances of proper healing, you should be following ALL of your post-operative instructions. 

A small amount of clear #drainage is possible if the incision is not completely closed. However, the things you should be concerned with are: sudden increase in swelling and pain, increased redness around the incision, an oral temperature greater than 100.4 and drainage that is think yellow or green in color or if it is foul smelling. 

If any of these occur, you need to contact your surgeon immediately. If none of this apply to your current situation and you still have concerns, please make sure keep your appointment with the surgeon that performed you breast reduction surgery.

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Bleeding and drainage after reduction/lift

Hi, it is normal to have some bleeding and some drainage. However, having this to the point of soaking a gauze can be a sign of a wound healing issue. 

Be sure to follow up with your surgeon so that he/she can evaluate it and make sure you are healing appropriately. 

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