What causes the "Y" shape visible on the tip/columella area after some rhinoplasty surgery cases? Is it intentional? (photo)

This shape seems to be symmetrical and bruise-like or darker than skin shade. Most visible in post-op patients when showing bottom view and nostrils. Is this done intentionally by surgeons to give definition? Or does this go away over time? Thank you.

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What causes the "Y" shape visible on the tip/columella area after some rhinoplasty surgery cases? Is it intentional?

Hello!  Thank you for your question!  The appearance is likely a result of the incision used during your procedure to either lengthen/shorten your columella or nose. Not knowing what procedures were performed within your nose, it is possible that the cartilage and/or grafts are also contributing to the appearance that you describe.  It often takes up to a year for all of the refinements to settle and your final result to appear. Certainly, discuss your expectations with your surgeon who can discuss with you the appearance. Best wishes!

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Y shape incision in open rhinoplasty

Dear Bella Vista, The "V"  shape incision s used versus a straight line in open rhinoplasty as it heals well and is typically not visible to the naked eye after recovery. This is an intentional incision and allows the surgeon to close the incision so that there is not a visible sign. If the incision is done to low or straight then it can have a visible incision after healing. Best regards, Michael V. Elam, M.D.

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Incision for rhinoplasty

The incision on the nose on base view is the small incision that is used to access the nose in an external rhinoplasty.  It heals great and is usually not visible--even if you look for it--after 12-18 months.

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Visible incision with open rhinoplasty

 The Y incision present across the columella on the base view is because patients underwent an open rhinoplasty. To avoid this visible incision, consider a closed rhinoplasty procedure. For many examples of closed rhinoplasty, please see the link below

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Shape of incision

Thank you for asking. This is usually the incision from an open approach. It usually heals very well and is almost unnoticed by most everyone. Over time incisions here do well. The shape of cartilage and thickness of skin may also contribute but that is an individual issue for each patient. Hope this helps.

Transcolumellar Incision of Open/External Rhinoplasty

Hi Bella,

You are noticing the trans-columellar incision.  This incision is used when an open or external approach rhinoplasty is used.  Fortunately, when the wound is closed properly, after a month or two it is very difficult to notice.  Good luck and be well.

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