After removing Voluma, how soon can you safely have it put back in by someone experienced?

I received Voluma four weeks ago, Large lumps, Face uneven,Swelling,Infection the first week, I will go see a doctor on Monday I was pleased for the first three days and would like to do it again with a different doctor?Antibiotics for two weeks.

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Wait time between dissolving & reinjecting

I would advise you to wait at least a month and then see a board certified plastic surgeon or cosmetic dermatologist with a lot of experience injecting Voluma.


Kouros Azar

Thousand Oaks Plastic Surgeon
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Voluma Injections

I would recommend that you wait at least one month for the infection and the product to be dissolved before you consider having more product injected.  Please consult a board certified dermatologist for the best cosmetic results.  Best, Dr. Green

Michele S. Green, MD
New York Dermatologist
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After removing Voluma, how soon can you safely have it put back in by someone experienced?

The key points here are, firstly, to ensure that the infection, and the inflammation that comes along with it, are completely cleared. Then you are free to move ahead. You should see an expert physician whose practice is both experienced and who does a higher volume of soft tissue filler injections. The more experienced and elite Voluma practices are listed by Allergen, the makers of Voluma, and recognized for their top shelf experience. Furthermore, certain Plastic Surgeons & Dermatologists have been formally recognized by Allergen and retained as training centers of excellence. Look for the top center in the Scottsdale/Phoenix areas and schedule your visit. Best of luck! Dr. Gitt

Steven M. Gitt, MD, FACS (in memoriam)
Phoenix Plastic Surgeon
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Voluma Results and Happiness

If the voluma is reversed with hyaluronidase there is no reason why you cannot put more in.  I would consider small amounts with cannula or depots.  Please see an expert to determine if this is the best for you.  If you truly had an infection i would wait a few months and ensure there is no post inflammatory reaction before adding more.  Possibly doing venus legacy treatments would calm everything down.  Best, Dr. Emer.

Jason Emer, MD
Los Angeles Dermatologic Surgeon
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Skin should be normal before any fillers, especially Voluma, are injected.

First I would want to make sure that the infection and inflammation are completely gone, perhaps 6 weeks. Then if all looks good would want to delve into the cause for the original problem.  Was it technique, skin infection, other deeper infection or a reaction to the product used.  You want to be sure that it was the real Voluma, not a counterfeit product.  Reactions to Voluma are so rare, as are infections so maybe a little investigating before leaping back in would be a good idea.
If hyaluronidase was used as part of the treatment (or any other treatment) it would be important to know that as well.  Hyaluronidase is used to make the Voluma go away, it works in a day or two but could take longer and need repeat injections to get rid of all of the Voluma.  
Make sure a physician with experience gives you the go ahead before proceeding.

Susan Van Dyke, MD
Paradise Valley Dermatologic Surgeon
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Voluma after hyraluronidase

It is fine to place filler in the same area as the hyaluronidase after about 1 week. It probably can be done sooner but if there is infection, this is the limiting factor. I would make sure you are infection free by an examination by a doctor before it is replaced.

Steven F. Weiner, MD
Panama City Facial Plastic Surgeon
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