2 Weeks after Kenalog Steroid Injection, How long will this take, is this white fluid steroid? Will this ever go away? (photo)

Hi, sorry if this has been covered I had a Chalazian surgery 5 weeks ago to removal a medium sized cyst. However this never went as planned and the lump remained or scar tissue maybe the doctor said. Two weeks ago we agreed that a Kenalog 6mm injection would be the best next course of action along whatever that procedure this invoved. The doctor is a very good eye doctor with years of experience. However a second opinion would be nice.

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Kenalog for chalazion?

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Yes likely that white colored area is the steroid. Although without a direct consultation and examination and assessment this forum is not as accurate.   Now you have to give this time to work.  Steroids do not work immediately.  They can take up to 6 weeks or more to have their effect.  You may also need another surgery to remove what is left there is this does not resolve the situation.  Good luck. Hope this helps.

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