Nearly 4 weeks post-op & no real difference to my ankles? (Photo)

I got smart lipo on my lower legs - my biggest problem area was with my ankles they had no definition. Nearly 4 weeks post op my legs are smaller but my ankles still have no definition. I have hard pockets presumably fluid collection and can't shift it. I go for 40min+ walks most nights but the fluid doesn't go. I have pain when I hit my foot on the ground? I have seen people get immediate results and it's upsetting as have had 1.5L out and were not particularly huge just not defined What's going on!?

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It is way too soon to judge

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i have done over 600 Smartlipo cases now and i tell all my patients, it can take 
between 2 weeks and 2 months before you can start to see differences 
and that you will continue to improve for 6 months. 
I think ankles and calves because they are closer to the ground, are even 
slower to see a change. Wait until you are at least 3 months after surgery
before you expect any changes. 
also when you are relaxing, try and elevate your ankles above your heart level
and when walk or exercise, try and wear a support garment over your lower legs including your ankles
to above the areas which had Smarlipo.

be patient and you will most likely be pleased.

david berman md

4 Weeks after Ankle Lipo

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One month is generally too early to determine the final result after liposuction of any area, especially of the ankles. Calves and ankles respond well to liposuction but usually take the longest to have the swelling resolve. This generalized edema lingers because the ankles and feet are the lowest part of the body while standing and have the farthest to go to have the fluid disappear. This is worsened with long walks and inactivity and improved with elevating the feet above heart level. The photo is not helpful because there is nothing to compare it with and because of the angle it was taken but the large amount removed is suggestive that if you wait long enough, you should see a significant result. Compression stockings may help and if you don't see a result in over four months or longer, check with your surgeon.

Christopher T. Chia, MD
New York Plastic Surgeon
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No results?

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Your photo seems to suggest that you had a good result. All ankles are different and not everyone has the perfect ankle. Best advice is to look at your before photos and compare them to your present ones. If 1.5 liters were suctioned out,most likely you should have an improvement.

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