Had a veneer over a tooth, constantly sensitive (Photo)

Hi I had a veneer put over a tooth that was far back as a ' quick ' solution. This was done nearly a year ago. It is not in pain as such but I've had of of gum issues as it's been hard to brush. I've had it lowered down as dentist thought it was too high. But Ifs just sensitive in a specific area of the tooth to touch. I can't eat on that tooth. There is no infection and nerve is fine. as I've had ex rays. What could it be? I'm so stuck on what to do as I don't like how it looks either.

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Gum issues with bulky veneer #DrSoftTouch

Bulky, over contoured restorations are hard to clean and cause gum inflammation which can lead to periodontal issues. I would recommend having the bulky veneer removed. Moving the tooth into proper position with Invisalign would be the best option. I hope this helps.  Follow me for more questions and answers.

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Had a veneer over a tooth, constantly sensitive (Photo)

Since you had the porcelain veneer adjusted, and it is off your bite AND you are still sensitive, there could be a problem as far as the bonding protocol, in which your dentist is the best to answer that.
One other problem could be bacterial micro leakage due to the fit of the veneer, and many other problems such as over contoured dental veneer in which can cause gum inflammation.
Have your dentist check again, and see an expert cosmetic dentist to reconfirm the findings!

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