Unhappy with results after 3 months. (photos)

Hi everyone, I posted on here one day after my surgery as I was unhappy with the results. I am now at the 3 month point and am still as unhappy. I wanted to go under the muscle to acheive a really natural, feminine look, but was told that overs would be better and now feel I have very wide, unnatural cleavage. Can you please give me your thoughts on what I can do to achieve a more natural look?

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Natural vs. Unnatural Breast Implants

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Thank you for sharing your concerns and photos.  Exchanging your current implants for a shaped or “tear drop” silicone implant and placing them under the muscle should help soften the superior pole “slope” of your breast shape.  Sub-muscular implants also can help avoid an early “sagging” appearance of breast implants that are placed above the muscle.  Also, you could consider performing fat grafting to add more tissue volume to the breast.  Remember, you are still recovering and can continue to experience changes in your breast shape as you continue to recover.  I recommend following up with a board certified plastic surgeon to discuss your options and potential future surgical options.  Thank you and good luck!

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Diagnose, then treat

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thanks for your post.  there are 2 fundamental issues/problems going on here. first the implants, second the overlying soft tissue.

the implant position does not appear to be symmetric.  this may be due to capsular formation and at this early stage it could respond to massage. 

there is inadequate soft tissue to cover the implants.  this is the reason your cleavage gap is wide and the breasts appear less natural than you would like.  this is treated with Composite breast revision- placing fat over implants- which is a technique that was described several years ago and is very effective at treating this problem.  i have attached a link.  

discuss these topics with your surgeon and you can together reach a sound treatment plan and achieve your goals!

best of luck!

Swelling , some advices:

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Thanks for the question

In my practice, after performing a BA I recommend to my patients to limit the movement of the arms for two weeks. After that, you can move your arms taking care and always with common sense.  In this regard, it's not advisable to carry heavy weights to prevent the implant out of position, and allow the formation of the physiological capsule around the implant, also to avoid pain and breast swelling. 

Kind regards

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Cleavage is defined by your natural cleavage. If you did not have a lot preop it is very hard to create it surgically and sometimes "forcing" the issue causes symmastia. I prefer implants under the  muscle.

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Breast augmentation mastopexy revision

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Changing your implants to a shaped silicone implant may improve the shape of the upper portion of your breast.  Whether these would be placed in your current pocket above the muscle or moved under the muscle would depend on how much natural breast tissue you have to camouflage the implant.  The cleavage concern is more difficult to address.  Moving implants of the same width (base diameter) as your current implants closer to the center will make your nipples aim further to the side, which would create a different type of unnatural look.  Choosing wider implants that will give you narrower cleavage while still keeping your nipples reasonably positioned over the implant may also increase your "side boob," which most women would prefer to avoid.

I recommend talking with your PS about your concerns and what they would recommend to try to come closer to your goal result.  You may also want to get a second opinion from another PS in your area before making the decision to proceed with a revision.

Breast augmentation

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If you do not have any capsular contracture, I recommend exchanging the implants to shaped, textured devices and repositioning the implants for a nicer cleavage.  Another option is to go partially under the muscle but if they are soft, this may not be necessary.  

I am not happy with the appearance of my breasts after surgery.

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Thanks for the question.  There certainly continues to be controversary as to whether implants should be placed over or under the muscle when doing this in combination with a lift of the breasts.  There are many factors involved that help in making this decision for your Plastic Surgeon- how low are the breasts on the chest wall in relation to the location of the pectoral chest muscle, are the breasts pointing outward rather than straight ahead before the procedure is done, how wide is the sternum( this determines how wide the gap may be between the breasts and the implants when implants may be positioned under the muscle).. If the gap is quite wide, this may suggest to the surgeon to place your implants on top of the muscle to narrow the gap between the breasts somewhat.  I would imagine that your surgeon considered all of this before performing your procedure several months ago.  I would advice discussing this with your Surgeon once again to be reassured about this.  Lastly, it is still only a short time after your surgery and this may modify its appearance in several months.

Good luck to you.

Frank Rieger M.D.  Tampa Plastic Surgeon

I see your complaints

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You have the appearance of implants "stuck" on your chest. how "wide" they are apart is dictated more by your breasts and how they sit on your chest than what a PS can do with implants. However, a PS should be able to give you a better/more natural appearance than you have. With all that said, at only three months things will continue to stretch and things should look better as more time passes. Give it a solid 6 months, then decide IF you really dont like what you see. best of luck

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