What treatment would you recommend to get rid of these red marks? Would IPL work? (Photos)

When I was a teenager my GP gave me a topical cream for what he thought was rosacea (never been convinced this is what it was and have never had another outbreak). The use of the cream left me with permanent red mark/scarring which has affected my confidence throughout my adult life. I always have to wear make up and even then people have commented on it. What could I do to finally be rid of it? Would ILP work? What are the risks? What would the recovery be? Thanks

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Hyperpigmentation On Face/Body -- Clear + Brilliant/Viva, Microneelding/PRP, Skin lightening/Peels, Aerolase, Pico Laser

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I suggest seeing a board certified cosmetic dermatologist. You can do a combination of skin care, lasers, and peels. Best, Dr. Emer

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