Can the ragged edge of my right labium be trimmed in a revision? (Photo)

Labiaplasty was done 15 months ago so it should be healed. The right labia in my opinion is still so unsymmetrical to the left. I've consulted my surgeon who said he'd remove the Bump below my right frenulum and remove the "column" on the right side of my clitoral hood, however that is all he can do and cannot remove anymore of the right labial edge. He also said the unevenness between both sides was due to me wearing right underwear that was "pulling" on the right side? What do you think?

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Asymmetry 15 months post op

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Thanks for sharing.  I am sorry your results are not to your liking as there is obvious asymmetry.  I agree the frenulum can be reduced on "your left side" or on the labia on the right side of the photo and the lateral redundant prepuce can be reduced but I agree with you that these are not your main problems.  The most obvious problem is the thickness of your left labia ( right side of the photo).  The reason why this can occur is usually due to one of two reasons:  1) the base of your labia was thicker to begin with on one side versus the other or 2) when your surgeon did the labiaplasty he cut into the base on the opposite side and removed the buik of the base of the smaller labia. It doesn't really matter what the reason is, what is more important is that it can be fixed if the surgeon has experience and expertise in revision labiaplasty surgeries.   You must NOT go to a surgeon who is not well versed in revision surgery. Your next surgery will be the best chance of reducing the thickness on your left side and the best chance of making your labia symmetrical.  Choose a surgeon who has experience in revision or botched surgery.......they should have examples of revision surgery on their website  to prove their experience.  Choose a surgeon wisely your next surgery will be the most important and if the surgeon doesn't  perform it properly it could make you worse than you currently are.

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Revision labiaplasty?

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I believe both of your concerns can be addressed with a labiaplasty revision. Seek an opinion from an experienced labiaplasty surgeon who can show you many before and afters as well as photos of revision surgery. best wishes.

Right left dyslexia or am I missing something?

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Your left labial edge is thick and "ragged". The right edge is low profile and smooth. There is a slight fullness of the right branch of the clitoral frenulum. I would recommend reduction/thinning of the left labial edge and sculpting of the frenulum. Underwear is NOT the problem.

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Labia uneven revision options

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I think you may be mistaking the left and the right. In your photo it looks like your left side( right side of viewed image) can be trimmed under local anesthesia in the office.

I personally have never accused undergarments.

Can the ragged edge of my right labium be trimmed in a revision?

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Thank you for sharing your question and photographs.  I see your area of concern and though difficult to comment without a before image it appears that the leading edge of your right labia minora did not heal symmetrically, and that there remains some fullness of the tissues that may be able to be thinned. I would recommend seeing a labiaplasty surgeon to discuss your current results and have treatment options recommended to you based on what your remaining tissues look like.  Best wishes. 

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