Is 7 Kenalog injections post Rhinoplasty within 12 months the norm?

Hi doctors, it would really mean a lot if you would please please answer my question. I would like to know if 7 Kenalog injections (spaced out) post rhinoplasty within a year post op is the norm or is it not frequent enough? How many is normally given? Thank you so much! :-)

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Steroid injections following rhinoplasty

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steroid injections following rhinoplasty can help with swelling and inflammation that exist in the setting of delayed healing. This happens in occasional patients and is unique to the individual. Often times multiple injections are required, but the exact number and spacing is determined by the patients healing process. By the one year point, most all healing should have occurred, and final results should be realized. 

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Recommend Following up with your surgeon

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The post rhinoplasty healing process is different for every patient.  Steroid injections are used to assist with areas of delayed healing or increased swelling.  Therefore, there is no hard rule and depends on each case individually.  However, there ultimately comes a time when steroid injections are not helping with the healing process any further.  At about the 1 year mark, the nose is mostly healed to its final form.  Some patients need up to 2 years in cases of complex cases.  Overall, I recommend you discussing options with your trusted surgeon and accept your final result at the 1-2 year mark if he/she believes it is completely healed.  Or, discuss a revision if you both agree and desire to move forward.  

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