I'm 32 and considering a facelift. My face just looks saggy and old for my age. What do you think? (Photo)

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I'm 32 and considering a facelift. My face just looks saggy and old for my age. What do you think

Thank you for your question.  A combination of fat transfer and lower eyelid surgery will help rejuvenate your midface, and you will look rested.  Consult with a board certified plastic Surgeon.  Best Wishes

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Saggy face in a younger patient

The most important consideration when treating someone for facial surgery is to make proper preoperative assessment. From your photos it appears that you have thin "deflated' face.  You could be a candidate for a non-surgical treatment with filler products.  Only an in person evaluation can determine what type of filler and proper anatomic placement.

Boris M. Ackerman, MD
Newport Beach Plastic Surgeon
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At age 32 not a good candidate for facelift.

I don't think you gain much from a facelift. I think done your lower lids would have a very dramatic change. Filler in the nasolabial fold a consideration as well.

Vincent N. Zubowicz, MD
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I'm 32 and considering a facelift. My face just looks saggy and old for my age. What do you think?

I'm sure that this all can be a bit confusing at 32 when you feel that your face looks saggy and tired.  From the attached photos, the lower eyelids appear "tired" due to fat bags.  The face appears rectangular-shaped and elongated which occurs when the anterior (front portion) of the cheeks are flat.

I have performed facelifts for almost 30 years and even my short incision facelift version is performed when "jowls" are present...you do not appear to have any jowls in these photos.  For that reason, I do not believe a facelift is in order but instead feel that lower eyelid surgery (Blepharoplasty) to remove the lower lid fat bags and Cheek Augmentation with a dermal filler (I prefer Perlane) or Cheek Implants for a permanent augmentation is warranted.  

I have written a book that talks about facial beauty, what makes a woman's face more feminine and a man's more ruggedly handsome.  You'll find the cheeks carry great significance in that regard.  I hope this helps.

Francis R. Palmer, III, MD
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Facelift at 32

You do not appear to need a facelift at this point. I believe that if you had the fat removed from your lower lids it would give you a more youthful appearance and would make you appear more awake. Your mid face could use some fillers but you may really be helped by the lower eyelid procedure.

Christopher Kelly, MD
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Improve face at 32

Thank you for asking about your face lift.

First, you are a handsome young man with excellent features.
  • Your lower lid excess fat makes you look tired - a lower lid lift is your first consideration.
  • Fillers or a cheek implant are reasonable to add volume to your face but without profile and 3/4 view photos and an exam of dental alignment, it is not possible to say which is better and if there is anything more to consider.
  • As for the lower face and neck - they look youthful - so leave them alone!
Always see a Board Certified Plastic Surgeon
Hope you found this answer helpful. Best wishes.

Elizabeth Morgan, MD, PhD
Atlanta Plastic Surgeon
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Facelift at 32?, There are other options.

If you were in my office an reported looking saggy and old for your age, I would not offer your a facelift.  Your problems are mostly in the central face (upper and lower lids, and upper cheeks - you have "shallow cheeks").  I would offer you upper blepharoplasty and cheek implants placed via transconjunctival (lower lid) and transoral (via the mouth) incisions.  There is a stryker/medpore extended orbital rim/cheek implant that would work very well for you.  It is only 3mm in projection so it is subtle.  It requires both incisions but that will work well for you.  The lower lid incision will also let me address the bags by reposition the fat over the upper edge of the implant and the oral incision allows the cheek to be free up at a deep level so that it can be lifted up and suspended on the implant.  In opinion this would be a very powerful procedure for you. 

Others have mentioned fillers.  I respectfully disagree.  The issue of your cheeks is not a soft tissue one (ie one solved by fillers) it is a bony one (better addressed by adding a small amount of implant over the bone. 

Adam Bryce Weinfeld, MD
Austin Plastic Surgeon
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Volumization and Eyelid surgery

Based on your photographs, you do not appear to need a facelifting procedure.  Instead, what strikes me most is the lack of midfacial volume (cheeks) and the bags under your eyes.  Non-surgical options are very viable options for you in terms of filling the cheeks and camouflaging the bags under your eyes with filler in your tear troughs.  Additional options exist, but I would recommend consulting with a facial plastic surgeon or plastic surgeon in person regarding your concerns.

I wish you well,
Parker A. Velargo, MD

Parker A. Velargo, MD
New Orleans Facial Plastic Surgeon
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Analyzing your face: What features make you look older?

Looking at your pictures, I do not think you need a facelift.  Your facial skin is good, your jaw line is good.  What strikes me is your eyes.  I would suggest you find a board certified plastic surgeon specializing in eyelid surgery for an in person consultation.  Addressing the lower eyelid fullness and perhaps your upper eyelids would do wonders to rejuvenate your face.

Martin Jugenburg, MD
Toronto Plastic Surgeon
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Add volume

At 32, your contour over you neck and jawline look good. A facelift will not help that much. Additional volume in the cheek will help.Implants or fillers, including fat can be helpful.See a board certified plastic surgeon for a consultation.

William C. Rigano, MD
Dayton Plastic Surgeon
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