Surgery for hooded eyes?

I have hooded eyes (they aren't extremely hooded). I like how I look when I raise my brows a little ( Like when I raise them when I smile. Not raising them so high that my forehead gets wrinkles). I wanna know how to lift the brow. Is there a non surgical way? If not, I'd like to know about the surgeries that can lift the brow. Cost, pain, if the results are permanent, etc.

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Excess skin in upper lids

A consultation is needed to properly address your question.  Skin tightening devices may help the upper lid hooding but often Botox can be used to relax the brow depressor muscles thus gently lifting the brows and reducing the fullness of the upper lids.  Blepharoplasty (eyelid surgery to remove skin, muscle and/or fat) may be an option but I find it is rarely necessary in young people since the other treatments are not only less invasive but usually produce a very natural and youthful result for the eyes and entire face.  It is important to see a specialist who really understands the eye area (such as an oculofacial plastic surgeon).  Sep 29 

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A brow + eyelid procedure would probably work well...

It sounds like you are approaching your issues correctly by looking at improving your brow position to help hooded eyes. The non surgical ways to improve position are Ultherapy and Botox. The combination has given us some nice results. Surgical brow lifting is more definitive and long lasting, however. We perform the procedure endoscopically and often include a little resection of eyelid skin as well for the best result. Pain is usually mild and cost ranges from $1000 for Ultherapy to $4500 for a surgical browlift. Be sure to see a facial specialist for consultation.

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I have hooded eyes. What are my options.

The low position the brows often cause excess skin on the upper lids creating the hooded appearance. I can raise the brows with Botox or Dysport by selectively relaxing the depressor muscles and leaving the forehead muscles responsible to raise the brows unaffected. This is a non surgical solution, but it requires an injection every 3 to 4 months. My surgical solution is an endoscopic brow lift with lateral pre hairline skin excision, leaving all the nerves to the scalp intact. This approach combines the benefits of the endoscopic methods with the longevity of the standard techniques. Brow lifting is an essential part of facial rejuvenation and is often combined with my facelift and eyelid procedures. An in person consultation is absolutely necessary to tell you what solution would best apply to you. 

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Surgery for hooding of the eyelids

Brows may be lifted by many methods - coronal, hairline, endoscopic, midforehead, direct, trans-blepharoplasty sutures, string/suture lift, Botox. Coronal and hairline are extensive and risk losing hair and scalp sensation. Endoscopic is done through small incisions, but involves extensive dissection and does not remove tissue - thus it may not hold up over time. Midforehead is OK for men with deep forehead wrinkles. Direct brow lift is great if the incision is placed close to the brow so that the brow hair hides the incision line and if the amount and shape of skin removed is strategically planned to avoid a surprised look. The down side - it takes the incision months to totally fade. Makeup or bangs can cover while healing. If you like how you look when you raise your brows a little, then it is very logical to lift the brows (without blepharoplasty). An important measurement is precisely how much lift in each area of the brow so that the outcome matches the shape you want. The cost of a direct lift is variable according to area, but this may be done in an office setting (much less expensive, more cost effective). There is no deep or sharp pain, just tenderness to touch. The results should last for decades - the tissue removed to provide lift does not regenerate. With aging, the brows may slide down and the lid fold may droop down. An Oculoplastic surgeon could go over the options in more detain. You will hear different opinions - but this is elective and the timing of the surgery does not affect the outcome - so you can take your time deciding which procedure matches your desired effect. Best wishes with your decision!

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Neurotoxins like Botox and Xeomin may be helpful for achieving non-surgical brow elevation.

We no longer offer brow lifting surgery since the expense and downtime do not outweigh the benefits of regular Botox or Xeomin injections. By selectively paralyzing the forehead muscles that pull your brows down, artful neurotixins may lead to pleasing brow elevation, and a more youthful and pleasing facial appearance.

Hope this helps.

Dr Joseph

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Without a photograph it is silly to discuss what is right for you.

Do you need eyelid surgery?  Do you need a forehead lift?  Do you need something else?  All very theoretical without some idea of what you look like.  I encourage you to post a photograph of your extended eye area that includes some of your eyebrow and some of your cheek.  Would will be very hard to identify from this facial fragment but we will have a much better idea of your concerns.

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Eyelid lift versus browlift

 When patients have hooded upper eye lids, an upper blepharoplasty procedure is performed to remove the excess skin creating the hooded look. When patients have a low eyebrow position, a brow lift is performed. For many examples of both procedures, please see the video and the link a low

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Hooded upper lids

There are multiple ways of improving upper lid hooding. You need an in person consultation to go over your problem and discuss the options available. Some are surgical some are non surgical.

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Hello and thank you for your question. In some patients a blepharoplasty surgery can help, in other patients botox can improve this. The most important aspect is to find a surgeon you are comfortable with. I recommend that you seek consultation with a qualified board-certified plastic surgeon who can evaluate you in person.

Best wishes and good luck.

Richard G. Reish, M.D.
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Brow lift

Slight brow lifting especially laterally can be accomplished with Botox. True elevation will require a brow lift.  Best of luck.

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