Do you think Sclerotherapy would work with my vascular malformation ?? (photo)

I am currently living in western Australia and am working with doctors witch want this treatment . I also know that it a "Low Flow" Vascular malformation I am also booking a MRI to revile the inner workings . I underwent treatment with saline solution injection when I was 8 with no positive results. Pain/Swelling = One unhappy Mum and my question is. Will the outcome be the same this time????? Its so hard to find any help regards my condition... Very very huge Thanks. kind regards Luke Marsh

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Low flow venous malformations

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Excision is the standard treatment for the management of low flow venous malformations. Do a Google search and a search on Medline to find a facial reconstructive surgeon who manages these regularly. 

Venous Malformation of the Upper Lip

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Thank you for your question.

The gold standard for treatment of low flow venous malformations is surgical excision and reconstructive plastic surgery.

To be sure, see two or more board certified and experienced plastic surgeons in your area for a full and complete evaluation.

I hope this helps.

J. Jason Wendel, MD, FACS
Nashville Plastic Surgeon
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Facial hemangioma

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No sclero. Check out "hemangioma" with extension by Barry M. Zide, D.M.D., M.D. He is the best in the field. There are photos, related papers and contact info. I would get his opinion. Good luck. (No sclerotherapy)

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