Sclerotherapy Weird Results

I had one sclerotherapy treatment on a small patch of leg spider veins about a month ago. Sometimes it looks almost totally faded, other times it looks almost as bad as before it was done. Is this normal?

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Sclerotherapy one month later

Don't give up hope yet....for any number of reasons...  After only a month the vessels are still changing (resolving/healing)  from treatment.  They will continue to change for at least another month, if not more.  Most patients will require more than one treatment, no sooner than 6 weeks from the first. So, give it more time and then return to your treating physician for follow up and potentially another treatment.



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Sclerotherapy may have to be performed several times

If sclerotherapy is ineffective after several sessions, then seek a board certified physician (American Board of Venous and Lymphatic Medicine) who will perform a Duplex venous scan and determine if you have an untreated underlying cause such as venous insufficiency that needs treatment before additional sclerotherapy is performed. 

Hratch Karamanoukian, MD, FACS
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Sclerotherapy takes time for final results.

Sclerotherapy is a process and often times it will take anywhere from 3 to 6 cycles of treatments to dissolve the veins. Post sclerotherapy treatment the veins tend to look worse before they look better. Over time sclerotherapy should work very well. If the veins do not seem to be resolving then ask your treating physician to look for feeding or reticular veins.

John Landi, MD
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I would encourage you to wait a few more months to see the results.  It is common for patients to have multiple sclerotherapy treatments for optimal results. 

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Sclerotherapy results

I find after scleotherapy the veins do most of their fading by 2 to 3 months. However, some people are slow faders and it can take 6 months. So do not be discouraged yet. Be patient and hopefully you will be rewarded.

Esta Kronberg, MD
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Multiple Treatments Needed for Sclerotherapy

These results are certainly within a normal range.  I warn my patients that they may see very litlle after the first treatment.  It can often take 3-6 treatments for great results. Hang in there.  Sclerotherapy works very well for spider veins.

Julia Carroll, MD
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after sclero veins darken due to inflamatory process. it is important to compress these areas to get the veins to collapse. multiple sessions are generally needed.


Timothy Mountcastle, MD
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Leg Veins persistent

Did you wear compression stockings after the procedure?  Sometimes, it takes up to two months to see complete clearance, particularly if you are darker skinned.  Did you have a touch up session?  Give it more time and one day you'll wake up and realize that all the veins are gone.

Corey L. Hartman, MD, FAAD
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Sclerotherapy has to be repeated

Usually there are several treatments needed to get rid of unwanted leg veins. Wearing surgical stockings is also helpful. 

Robert Kasten, MD
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Sclerotherapy results after treatment with injection

You are probably describing the darkening of the veins after treatment.  This is normal and can take many months to completely resolve.  Patience is key here as well as re-visiting your treatment provider to make sure no further sessions are required.

Dr. Craig Crippen

Craig Crippen, MD
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