Sclerotherapy on Swelling?

I'm a 32-year-old female, with swelling over left side mendible, jaw area, and lower neck line. The doctor suggested sclerotherapy, is it advisable?

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Sclerotherapy is not advisable on swelling you describe

There are multiple possible causes of the swelling you describe, but none of them that I can think of are treatable with sclerotherapy. Besides, sclerotherapy of the face can be a risky procedure because of the proximity of large, intracranial veins.

Your best bet is to see a head and neck specialist - ENT or a general surgeon with a special interest in head and neck pathology.

Go soon so you can rest easy.

Bay Area General Surgeon

See head and neck surgeon for jaw swelling or neck mass

Without examining you and getting a more detailed history, I highly advise that you see a head and neck specialist and have him/her evaluate you with a CT scan and or MRI/MRA to determine the cause of this problem before any treatment is undertaken. Sclerotherapy is not a common procedure for this type of problem. A more ominous source such as a vascular anomaly, neoplasm/cancer must be ruled out. A oromaxillofacial surgeon evaluation may also be warranted. I advise that you see a specialist soon.

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