Correction of Scleral Show?

I hate that the white of my eye shows where it's not supposed to show. Is there any way a surgeon can fix this? Thanks.

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Oculoplastic surgeons

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With respect to the white part of your eyes that is showing on the lower lid, this is called scleral show. This can be corrected through a canthoplasty and/or canthopexy procedure to tighten up the lower lids. Oculoplastic surgeons typically do these procedures.


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Scleral show (white eye) may be improved with surgery

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Yes, scleral show may be improved with surgery. There are many causes of the increased exposure of the white eye. The eyelid has several layers and components, any one of which may result in eyelid malposition. Patients may also develop dry eyes from poor tear flow.

Age increases the laxity of the skin and structures of the eyelid, resulting in droopy and weaken eyelids. Some elderly patients need to squeeze their eyes a few times, before they close completely. Facial paralysis is causes scleral show from weakness of the eye muscles. Eyelid surgery is a very common cause of this condition. Surgery on the skin, muscle, fat, and connective tissues may all result in scleral show.

Fortunately, many options exist. Suturing and pulling up the eyelid is the simplest method. Sometimes it's necessary to tighten the lower lid by shortening it, like tightening a belt buckle. Scleral show from scarring may be managed by cutting the scar and placing soft tissue from the mouth to make the eyelid more mobile. Lastly, lifting the cheek and midface may be necessary to help lift the eyelid and prevent relapse of scleral show.

Speak with a plastic surgeon to perform a comprehensive examination and determine which exact procedure may be most appropriate for you.

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Canthopexy will help

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You might want to explore a procedure called a canthopexy which elevates and tightens the outer corner of your eye to reduce the scleral show under your iris. The down side of this is that it can make you look "different," or Asian, and that subtle differences between how it is done on each side can be very visible. Consequently, you want to see someone who does this surgery very often, usually an oculoplastic ophthalmologist.

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