Is It Possible That Sciton Skin Tight Laser Setting 45 Can Burn Lower Layers of Skin?

Hi i had 4 sciton treatments for skin tightening. Setting was on 45. these were done 4 weeks apart. I have before and after photos but embarrassed to post. If any doctor wants me to email personally i can do that. I have had a lot of fat loss in my face, and this is visible in the photos. Now i have a constant burning or stinging sensation in my skin. And it feels tight like sunburnt. Last treatment was 5 weeks ago. Will it get worse? I read a lot of horror stories. what can i do to help?

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Sciton Skin Tyte

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I use the Sciton system and have to assume that the  '45' setting you are referring to with Skin Tyte is the temperature that was reached in the deep tissues.  Was your skin anesthetized during the treatment?  The reason I ask is that 45 degrees centigrade is very difficult to reach on most people becasue it is so painful. That temperature is high enough to affect fat cells and is a goal temperature that is often aimed for when treating fat and cellulite.  If indeed you did reach 45 degrees in your treatments you probably did destroy some fat cells which would explain the uneveness to the skin.  You might even want to contact Sciton directly for the manufacturer to offer any comments to your treatment. 

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