Can Sciton Laser or Fraxel Laser Burn the Skin?

I saw on RealSelf a young woman that had Fraxel Laser done two years ago and has severe sores on her face. She looks terrible. Can Fraxel Laser or Sciton Laser really burn the skin? What could have gone wrong? She said he was a very good plastic surgeon. Her face didn't look bad to begin with. Thanks.

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Any resurfacing treatment has risks

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Without commenting on this specific case as I have no details and am not familiar with it, ANY resurfacing treatment has risks. They may be of a very low probability but no physician can say any procedure is risk free. Some people are born genetically not able to heal well, and this may not be known to the physician prior to the procedure unless the patient has a history of poor wound healing.

If prior radiation therapy had been done many years ago for acne therapy, this can compromise healing. If there were very bad preoperative deep scars, the scars will improve but when they are red, especially after resurfacing, that deep color gives the impression of shadows which then make us think the wound is deeper than it really is. If someone has a history of fever blisters or cold sores, then these might break out after the resurfacing during wound healing as a response to stress. If not treated adequately this, or a bacterial infection from improper hygiene postoperatively, could cause scarring.

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Sciton or Fraxel Laser can burn the skin

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Hi Sandra sue,

Both Sciton and Fraxel re:pair lasers are very powerful tools for skin rejuvenation. They and other lasers are capable of burning the skin. Certainly physicians should take all precautions and care to avoid burns.

When used properly, and the laser is properly calibrated on patients who have not been on Accutane for the previous 6-12 months, and off all exfoliative treatments for 10-14 days before treatment, and who follow their post treatment instructions carefully they are very safe procedures (there will be a small risk of complications with any medical-surgical-laser treatment).

I have found the treatment to be very safe and reliable in my hands with my Fraxel re:pair laser, and with our Sciton laser as well.

For a more complete answer to your question please go to here on where I address your concerns.

Good luck and be well.

Dr. P

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