Sciton Laser BBL and Mirco Laser Peel, Is It Possible I Will Scar or is It a Burn?

I had the Sciton BBL done on Monday, January 16th, followed by 4 microns of microlaser. At one point during the process it really hurt on my chin. That spot on my chin refuses to heal like the rest of the skin. It raised, was bumpy and waxy. I was told to put antibiotic cream on it. It still seemed not to heal right. Scab feel off, now a new scab over it. Still gray in color. Seeing doctor today-anything I should ask?

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BBL + Microlaser Peel

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Sciton BBL and a 4 micron Microlaser peel is a very safe procedure in trained hands.  It is difficult to assess your condition without pictures and an exam but I would bring up any issues with your treating physician and I am sure you will heal without any long term issues.

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Jacque P. LeBeau, MD

Pensacola Facial Plastic Surgeon

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