Sciton ClearScan for Broken Capillaries and Veins on Face?

I have been reading about the Sciton ClearScan laser for removal of broken capillaries and sunspots. I have some small broken red capillaries on my cheeks, and some larger blue veins around my eyes that I would like to get rid of. Would ClearScan be a good choice?

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Long pulse lasers for telangiectasias and broken vessels

I agree that the long pulse lasers are great for treating facial telangiectasias and broken vessels on the face, nose and neck. 

Buffalo Phlebologist
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I must admi\t that I do not know much about the Sciton-but for small capillaries on the face I think the pulsed dye laser such as the Candela Perfecta is the best.Be careful treating any veins around the eyes. Many eye doctors think this is risky.

Vicki J. Levine, MD
New York Dermatologic Surgeon

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