Is Sciton BBL Good for Hair Removal from Brow Color Skin with Thick and Coarse Hairs?

I have brown color skin with both thick and soft facial hairs. Is Sciton BBL laser machine good for such kind of skin, and if yes then which filter is the best to use?

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BBL for laser hair removal

In my opinion, the BBL is the best IPL laser on the market.  The lighter colored hairs do not respond with any lasers on the market since their goal is to target pigment and brown to black hairs.  Do not let anyone try to convince you that their laser will remove light or blond fine hairs or you will be disappointed. The science isnt there to support the claims. As for your exact settings and filters that would be decided by your doctor. If they have a lot of experience they will be able to pick the most effective and safest settings for you.

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