Scion Profractional Day #5 No Peeling,just Bumpy Red Skin, Concerned?

day #2 started with pred for severe eyelid swelling, nothing seems to go as expected, now loaded with makeup for work. plan to see derm, probably should of started there instead of medi-spa;concern of scar. looks like mean sunburn.concern of scarring.what to expect next?

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Post Profractional

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Are you using post-laser skin care products to help calm and heal your skin?  Did you use Aquaphor (or product similar) for the first 3 days or so?  There are different levels of Profractional so it's hard to say but your experience does not seem out of the ordinary.  Each day you should be able to see improvement with lessen of swelling and redness.  If not, you may have irritation from skin care product that should be evaluated.  As long as your treatment was performed by an RN at a reputatable medical spa you should be fine.  I recommend returning to them for evaluation to make sure you are making progress.  Profractional is a great option for skin rejuvenation but the healing process is no fun.  Hang in there.

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