Will a Sciatica Problem in My Legs Affect Me Getting a BBL?

I was pregnant three yrs ago for the second time. During my pregnancy my leg was hurting . I went to physical therapy but never told what it was. I have had pain on and off ever since. I have been planing to get a brazilian buttlift without this issue in mind till now. I was planning on getting surgery within four months but this pain has came back and now worse. Will this sciatica problem affect my surgery . Or the want for a brazilian buttlift?

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Brazilian Butt Lift with Pre-existing Sciatic Pain........

If your pain is Sciatica, the Brazilian Butt Lift might exacerbate the pain. When fat is injected into the buttocks it is usually injected into the muscle as well as the fat layer.  This will cause significant swelling of the buttocks muscle as well as around the Sciatic Nerve.  This can cause irritation of the nerve and worsening of the Sciatic symptoms.  That is, if your pain really is Sciatica.  You definitely need to be evaluated and worked up for this pain prior to surgery.

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Brazilian Butt Lift

Before the Brazilian Butt Lift, you need a full work up for the pain in the legs. since the pain came when you were pregnant, you will need to rule out deep venous thrombosis. If the pain is  sciatica, what is the cause, back problems?

When doing the Brazilian Butt Lift with fat transfer, will avoid injecting into the muscle.

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Brazilian Butt Lift and "Sciatica"

There s nothing wrong with Cosmetic Surgery as long as your medical condition is stable. Sciatica is an all encompassing term describing pain and or weakness along the sciatic nerve distribution. Unfortunately several disease processes can cause such symptoms. In my opinion you need to be fully evaluated by a Neurologist and probably have a MRI to get to the bottom of your pain. Once is is cleared up there is no reason why you could not have. Brazilian Butt Lift. The fat grafted to the buttocks is far from the sciatic nerve and shoud not pose it any threat. 

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