Preparation and Doctor Recommendation for Mommy Makeover

How far in advance would I need to make the appt to have the surgery done? I have endometriosis and andeomyosis also, would this be a concern? What is the best method to try to find a Doctor? Is there usually a deposit, payment plan, or is the procedure needed to be paid upfront?

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Mommy Makeover

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First you will need medical clearance, then you will need to see a Board Certified Plastic Surgeon.  Find a Board Certified Plastic Surgeon in your area you are comfortable with.  Interview several of them, 2-3 should be sufficient, then make a decision.

Mommy makeover and timing of consultation and financing details.

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Most busy Plastic Surgeons who perform mommy makeovers will need 2-6 months to prepare you for the procedure(s). It would make sense to have your gynecologist evaluate your gynecologic concerns and confer with the Plastic Surgeons you are consulting so that together you can make a decision how best to handle your endometriosis. The best way to find a board certified Plastic surgeon is on the ASAPS website-American Society for Aesthetic Plastic Surgeonsand go to the " find a surgeon portal" and cross reference that with the ASPS website the American Society of Plastic Surgeons and use their "find a surgeon" portal. You will have to check with the Plastic Surgeon regarding their policy on surgery deposits and payments.

Finding the right Surgeon for your Mommy Makeover

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The mommy makeover procedure usually involves 2-4 procedures (breast procedure, tummy tuck, liposuction) and therefore it's extremely important that you research your surgeon to make sure that you are choosing a board certified PLastic Surgeon who has a track record of performing these procedures safely for patients.  Go on the ASPS website and take a look at surgeon's credentials, before and after photos, and patient testimonials.  I ask my patients who have other medical issues to visit with their primary care doctor to make sure they are cleared to undergo elective surgery.  I think every office's procedure for scheduling surgery, payments, etc.. is different so you will have to see what the procedure is when you decide which surgeon to go to.

Advance preparation for Mommy Makeover

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To answer the question about how far in advance to make your first appointment, the answer is "as far in advance as possible".  The sooner you see your surgeon, the sooner you will know what is involved, costs, preparation, etc.  Thus, it is worthwhile making your first consultation appointment before you are ready to plan the exact date, and even before (or especially before) you have decided whether or not to even have the surgery.

Also, once you know when you want it, the sooner you plan your surgery, the more choice of surgery dates you will have.

James Nachbar, MD
Scottsdale Plastic Surgeon

Preparation is key

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The "mommy makeover" is a big surgery.  Planning ahead, for time off from work and for child care needs, is essential.  Learning about the surgery and knowing what to expect realistically is also important.

Research your surgeons locally by finding an ASAPS or ASPS member - they are board certified plastic surgeons.... and then compare before and after photos and other patient experiences.

Really try to educate yourself about the process!


All the best,

Finding a surgeon for a mommy makeover procedure

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I recommend finding a plastic surgeon in your area throug the American Society of Plastic Surgery website. This will ensure that your surgeon is board certified by the American Board of Plastic Surgery. You should meet with a few until you find a surgeon you are comfortable with. Try and view as many before and after photos as well.

You may want to speak to your primary care physician regarding your specific medical issues and receive clearance prior to having surgery.

Each surgeon has different payment policies, but usually payment is made in full before surgery; you can also finance your procedure through CareCredit-a finance company for cosmetic procedures.

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