Im Scheduled for VASER Lipo and a BBL in a Few Weeks. The Doc is Putting Me Under, is This Normal? (photo)

Im a little nervous about going under since most things i have read say its only local anesthesia.. Will the VASER work with the BBL since it melts the fat?

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Im Scheduled for VASER Lipo and a BBL in a Few Weeks. The Doc is Putting Me Under, is This Normal?

Terrific question! And thanks for posting photos. My two issues are as follows: 1. VASER is low level wattage ultrasonic liposuction. When US lipo came on the market the "original" ads were that the sound energy and heat generation "destroys" or explodes the fat cells. So years later when fat grafting grafting has become the "hot" topic all of a sudden US lipo does not destroy the fat cells. HUMMM "very interesting". I do not use VASER for fat grafting, I want every fat cell that can be saved - SAVED for use/transfer! 2. Use of general + local is very common in BBL because of the volume to be lipoed and transferred. Sounds like your surgeon has it half right. LOL But best to you. 

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Brazilian Butt Lift

You seem to have an over hang of the abdominal skin. You may benifit from tummy tuck rather than liposuction.

The vaser lipo concerns me about the viability of the fat cellls to transfer to the buttocks.

Consult a board certified plastic surgeon (American Board Of Plastic Surgery)

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VASER lipo and brazilian butt lift and anesthesia

It is perfectly fine to have anesthesia with sedation or general so that you are comfortable for the procedure.

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