Scheduled TT in 2 Days, How Can I e Reassured that I did All I Could on my Own First?

I have exercised but not like an athlete or fitness trainer would work out. I'm concerned that maybe with harder work, I could get rid of my belly fat without surgery. How do I know if I have really done all I could do on my own?

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Sometimes the skin and tissue is stretched beyond the point of no return

Even highly fit athletes cannot get rid of the abdominal wall laxity and stretched out skin from pregnancies.  If you have tried for at least a year and your weight is stable, it is reasonable to seek the advice of a professional for a tummy tuck.  It is not something you should feel selfish or guilty about.  Good luck.

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Before tummy tuck, how much working out is necessary

Most surgeons ask their patients to "do their best" with respect to diet and exercise prior to having a tummy tuck procedure.  Realistically, that is usually all patients can do.

If you are contemplating starting an exercise regimen, your surgeon can easily guide you during an examination as to what may still respond to diet and exercise, and what may just be the result of childbirth.

Abdominal looseness (weakness of the fascia) seldom improves, especially after multiple children or twins.  Maximize core workouts to get your best result before surgery.

Abdominal fat almost always can be reduced by changing the diet- exercise ratio.

Loose skin that is still there six months post partum typically does not contract even with exercise and weight loss.

Your surgeon can tell you which is which.

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Exercise or a tummy tuck?

Exercise is great for losing body fat and maintaining good health.  However, it's very difficult to treat any excess hanging skin of the abdomen with a tummy tuck.  Diet and exercise may help slim down any excess fat that you may have, but a tummy tuck is really the only way to remove a lot of excess skin.

Normal BMI; good health

You don't have control over everything that can affect your results from tummy tuck surgery, but you do have control over some of them.  Probably the most important is getting your BMI as close to the "normal" range (19-24) as you possibly can.  This should not be done with fad diets, but gradually through a combination of healthy diet and exercise.  A healthy diet, ensuring good protein stores for wound healing is also extremely important.  Finally regular check-ups with your doctor and addressing any medical issues - such as smoking cessation, hypertension, and diabetes - will give you the best chance for safe anesthesia, a smooth recovery, and a good result.

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