Im Scheduled for a Facelift in June/July. What Else Would You Recommend For Facial Symmetry?

I'm scheduled for a facelift in June/July with some work on my Glabella as well but I'm uncertain if that will be enough to get the improvement I seek, I'm curious as to what procedures you would recommend to improve my facial symmetry and overall appearance. Some other bits of information I'm 43 years old and I just underwent a substantial 130 pound weight loss over the course of 2011. I have already undergone an upper body tuck.

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Facelift extras

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I agree with the comments about your chin

making it project more will bring about powerful and beneficial changes to your face

it will help make your face distinct form your neck more and will bring balance to your appearance when your face is viewed from both the front and side

i prefer osteoplastic geneoplasty ( as opposed to an implant ) in patients less than 50 unless the patient opposes

i just think the results are more durable 

Facial Recommendations

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First the correction of the furrows of your glabella will not be addressed with a facelift.  In my opinion you really do not have significant facial volume loss and jowling that a facelift would address.  You do have some lack of sharpness to the angle of your neck.  For your glabella region you might want to consider BOTOX and maybe for your nasolabial folds a dermal filler (JUVEDERM, RADIESSE) may be considered.

Dr. ES

Ancillary procedures with facelift

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The goal of your surgery will be to balance your face and provide you with a crisp jawline and good neck angulation. In addition, I would discuss chin enhancement with and implant or fat grafting. I do think you will benefit from corrugator myoplasty (softening of your frown lines). Best of luck.

Frank P. Fechner, MD
Worcester Facial Plastic Surgeon
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Facial symmetry

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Congratulations on the weight loss. As for symmetry, most people have some degree of facial asymmetry. A facelift, which rejuvenates the face, will not correct asymmetry. Fillers can be used. Ask your plastic surgeon to measure the proportions of your face for you preoperatively so you can have an idea of exactly of the anatomic distinctions between the right and left sides of the face.

Face lift

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First of all, well done on your weight loss!

You are a handsome man and the face lift will tighten the loose skin. I assume that it will include lifting the central neck as well -- it has a little residual fat. Consider perhaps the following as well -

  • a malar lift, to lift the cheek as well as lower face tissues
  • a release of the cheek fold and a small fat injection to smooth it out
  • a small amount of filler into the indentation in your chin
  • possibly a small chin implant and subtle revision of the tip of your nose if that is an area that bothers you

You will still get a very good result with just a face lift - enjoy your new life!

What does my face need?

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Congratulations on your weight loss! That is a huge achievement. When I look at the pictures that you have provided it looks like your face is relatively symmetric. The features that strike me the most are your lack chin projection and a suboptimal cervicomental angle in the neck. You have a mild amount of jowling and a mild amount of volume loss in the mid face. You have some deep frown lines in the glabella but the forehead and brow otherwise look good.

If I were you I would consider a lower facelift and neck lift with lipocontouring of the neck and a chin implant. This would create chin projection, define the cervicomental angle, and create a nicely defined jaw line. I would also consider fat transfer to the mid face to add volume which creates a more natural, youthful look. Regarding the glabella, I would treat with botox.

If you wanted to be more conservative, you could stick with neck lipocountouring with platysmal plication and a chin implant. This would create nice definition in the neck, however, it would not address any sagging in the face.

Again, congratulations on your weight loss and good luck!

Todd C. Miller, MD
Newport Beach Facial Plastic Surgeon
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Facelift this summer

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There are several things that you can do to enhance your facelift. You can get facial fillers and Botox to help with fine lines. You may also want to consider the DOT CO2 which helps with texture and fine lines as well.

Jeffrey Adelglass, MD
Dallas Facial Plastic Surgeon

Whats best for me

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I agree with the other doctors. A face and necklift with a chin implant. A myectomy of the corrugator muscles would be of benefit.I would add fat grafting to the foldc, cheekbones,and lips.

Facial Enhancements for June/July Facelift

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Congratulations on your weightloss. It is probably in your best interest to wait until after the facelift and assess whether additional facial volume enhancement is appropriate. I would consider pre-operatively the placement of a submalar implant (cheek implant) as I noticed a fair amount of volume loss in the cheek area below your eyes so your midface looks more youthful. Best of luck.

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