Schedule For Smart Lipo on Outer Thighs and Hips? (photo)

Hello, I am scheduled to have smart lipo on my outer thighs and hips, my question is will my buttocks and lower back be reduced after the treated areas, because I was told that some doctors or surgeons does NOT perform smart lipo buttocks reductions. I don't want my body to look weird after having smart lipo, and will the surgeon smooth anything out if anything looks ackward? That is my before picture on my thighs and hips, and as you can see my huge buttocks rear end that I want to have reduced.

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Smart Lipo for the Buttocks

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Smart Lipo to the posterior aspect of the buttocks should be done with caution.  I would suggest contacting a board-certified plastic surgeon that has a thorough knowledge of liposuction techniques before proceeding with your surgery.  Smart Lipo is a great choice for these areas, especially with the new Triplex system.  The skin tightening aids the liposuction and can help smooth out contour irregularities.

SmartLipo Realistic Expectations

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I feel you are intuitive to consider the final outcome of treating one area, without considering how the procedure will affect your entire contour.  Judging from the photos, you actually have a wonderful "canvas" to work with.  I do think your upper hips and upper buttocks should be sculpted to compliment your outer thighs.  All areas, in all honesty, should be addressed.  On a separate note, I think your abdomen could be really enhanced using BOTH Smartlipo for tightening and "High Definition" Liposuction for making your core abdominal muscles much more defined.  This combination takes a little longer to perform, but the results are nothing short of "AMAZING"!


Dr Windell Davis Boutte', M.D. FAAD
Board Certified Dermatologist/ Surgeon

SmartLipo  Expert

Windell C. Davis-Boutte, MD
Atlanta Dermatologic Surgeon
4.2 out of 5 stars 228 reviews

Liposuction of the buttock region

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Liposuction of the buttock area has to be done judiciously.  It is not done in lieu of weight loss. 

Steven Wallach, MD
New York Plastic Surgeon
4.2 out of 5 stars 30 reviews

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