Can one schedule a consultation while 17 and plan for surgery for days after they are 18?

And if she is no longer living at home, do her parents need to be there or are there exceptions? If there was how would she go about having to prove she was no longer living with her parents/ guardians?

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Can one schedule a consultation while 17 and plan for surgery for days after they are 18?

It sounds as if you may be what the legal system calls an emancipated minor. I see no problem with your plan. But as with any other patient, the surgeon you see will want to make sure your goals are realistic. And of course you know surgery can be expensive and you do have to pay the fee in full prior to surgery so plan accordingly.

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Age for surgery

Yes, it is perfectly reasonable for a patient to have a consultation when she is 17. I personally prefer to operate after a patient turns 18 so she can sign her own consent form. So your plan sounds reasonable.

A patient can schedule a consult with a plastic surgeon at any age.

it is certainly acceptable for a 17-year-old to consult with a plastic surgeon. However legally that woman can only sign your own consent for surgery at the age of 18.

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I'd suggest you schedule your consultation once you turn 18. You will be able to sign your own consent forms once you are a legal adult (at age 18). Please see a board certified plastic surgeon to learn more about your options. Best wishes,

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