Looking for A BCPS In Illinois That Specilaizes or Does Mostly Work on Faces,facelifts to Be Exact?

Hello, I am leaving to reside in Nevada in January. I want to have my facelift in Chicago or the Western Suburbs. I need feedback from Drs. and patients who can give me input. I want to be very informed and go to a BCPS who does more faces or facial work.I know I will need to recover here. I also have questions for how long that I should stay in IL post facelift.I won't rush it. I am just 60 but I have had other procedures but this is a HUGE decison. I will go on several consults. Thank you

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Here is a link to the board certified doctors in your area who are qualified to perform Facelifts. You also have the option the search by area.

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There are two types of surgeon who are qualified to perform facelifts:  Plastic Surgeons and Facial Plastic Surgeons.  A key determinate in choosing a facelift surgeon is to understand the particular surgeon's philosophy and technique in performing a facelift.  A surgeon should also have alot of experience performing facelifts.  In addition, any nationally recognized surgeon has an academic paper or presentation on facelifts.  Use this criteria as a screening filter (eliminate surgeons who do not fit in with this) and find a surgeon and office who will work with you and your goals.  Good Luck.

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Chicago Facelift Surgeons

   Dr. Thomas Mustoe is a well respected, experienced surgeon in the Chicago area and would be a good choice for facelift.  There are many good ones from which to choose.

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