I had a crown with post put on almost 3 years ago - to my eye tooth that had a root canal. Any suggestions?

This crown has now come out (have seen 2 dentists who say I should see original dentist who did the work because this crown with metal post should not have come out. Your suggestion?

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Photo would help

The post is to build a core for crown support but you also need to cover significant tooth structure for lateral forces.  
Occlusion cand parafunction can also be issues. 
Photo would help

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Post out

Is there a reason why you aren't going back to the dentist who did the crown and post? Ideally posts don't come out once cemented so there may be more going on in this situation. It's not a problem to have another dentist evaluate the situation but you may find that the post and crown need redoing or they may be able to be re-cemented. Without more information it's impossible to answer your question specifically. 

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