Asymmetrical dimple creation common? - All I wanted were deep, long symmetrical dimples to make my face symmetrical! (photo)

I received dimpleplasty yesterday. I had a pre-existing dimple on my left side. But my face has always had dents from teen acne. So I go and he decides to make the second right dimple on one of these dents (which I've never considered a dimple).. Is this common practice?? I complained twice about how asymetrical that would be, but he insisted on following thru with my "anatomy". But isn't dimpleplasty done on people with no dimple anatomy to begin with??. I feel more assymetrical than before :(

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Asymmetrical dimples

Hello and thanks for your question!

Dimples are tough stuff. I would recommend waiting a couple weeks before you beat your surgeon up too badly. 

If after a couple weeks, you're still unhappy with the result, the dimple can be removed and a new one can be placed. Although there is "the classic area where a dimple should be" there is and can be much variation here. Ultimately the correct place is wherever you want it!

Hope this helps and God Bless!

Dr. Robb

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