I Have Had Scc on Lower Eyelid for 5-6 Yrs. It's Grown Deep, What Can I Expect From the Mohs Scar?

I've had scc on lower eyelid for 5-6 yrs. I'm concerned about how deep the cancer has grown and I can see a difference in the size across the lid and can feel it rubbing on my orbit. Mohs' proceedure will be done in a month or two, how bad will the scar be?

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SCC lower eyelid

It depends on the size of the tumor but you will likely have a a full thickness loss of eyelid and may need to see a plastic surgeon for reconstruction

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Mohs for SCC

Mohs is the best way to take care of an SCC on the cheek.  Mohs actually spares the normal skin in the area keeping the scar as small as possible while taking out the skin cancer.  its hard to tell how deep the skin cancer goes based on clinical appearance. This is why we use a microscope to see the margins of the tumor.  Make sure you have this procedure done by a certified Mohs surgeon who is trained extensively in doing these procedures. This will assure the procedure is done correctly. 

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Mohs Surgery Sapres Healthy Tissue

The top priority when a patient is diagnosed with skin cancer is to remove the tumor completely. However, patients are frequently concerned about scarring after Mohs and what to expect in terms of a cosmetic outcome. Mohs surgery spares healthy tissue, removing the absolute minimum amount of skin while assuring the cancer is completely removed. Mohs surgeons are also trained in reconstructive surgery and possess the skills to minimize scarring after the procedure. In my experience, patients are often surprised how minimal a scar is actually present after their surgery has healed. More often than not, this end result is no where close to their expectation.

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Mohs to eye

The most important thing is to get the cancer removed. If not, it could affect your eye and sight, and as you've noticed - it can get bigger. Mohs is used to remove the most minimal amount of tissue needed to get clear margins. Small amounts of tissue will be removed piece by piece and slides will be made and read in the office. As soon as the slide shows that there is no cancer, appropriate closures will be done to minimize scarring. So, you should expect to have a minimal scar and no cancer! The scarring will improve over a few months time, but you should expect to have a bit of a scar, but know that your surgeon will make the scar as minimal as possible.

F. Victor Rueckl, MD
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