Options for Removal of Nose Surgery Scars

I have done a rhinoplasty to my nose 4Y ago and the result was perfect. After 10M an infection surfaced and i had two bumps in my nose. After two re-surgeries the bumps were removed unfortunately leaving two scars and the shape has changed also. 2 month ago i did a re-surgery, the surgeon used a facia graft; there was an improvement but not much. He told me that he will use a filler then laser after wards, shall I do it? What about the shape, he told me that this is only bruising!will it disa

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No more Rhinoplasty recommended

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Although there are some pitted scars and some fullness of the tip, based on your problems with prior surgeries- I would NOT recommend further surgery. Fraxel laser and Pulse Dye Laser may help smoothe the surface irregularities. Be very cautious! Dr. G.

Orlando Facial Plastic Surgeon
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Scars on nose

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Sory about your scarring on your nose. Sometimes dermabrasion or microlaserpeels can help smooth out the edges a  bit.  Speak with your doctor.

Steven Wallach, MD
New York Plastic Surgeon
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