What Options Do I Have For Scars, Veins, and Stretch Marks on Breasts Along with Implants?

Scars / unsightly viens and stretchmarks,on the Breast, is it possible to make the breast beautiful?

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Scars, veins and stretch marks

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From you question, I assume you have not had surgery and are asking if scars, veins and stretch marks can be helped with surgery. Not sure what kind of scars you have. Depending on where the scars are on the breast, they might be able to be removed or at least improved. Veins generally aren't helped and in fact can sometimes look a bit more visible after implant surgery. Stretch marks can be helped with implants by helping to fill up the breast. Sometimes it is best to combine this with a lift. Implants alone, especially large implants can worsen stretch marks. If you send photos I can give you a little better advise.

Scars and stretch marks after breast augment

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WIthout a photo, it isn't possible to assess your specific situation and potential remedies. If the scars are hypertrophic, or thick, then silicone sheeting could be used. Scarring and stretch marks can't be removed in general. During a mastopexy or re-augment, the surgical scar can be excised and the wound reclosed.

Scars / Stretch marks on breasts

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Thank you for your question.

Unfortunately, there is no magic solution to the problems you describe.  In person consultation with a well experienced board certified plastic surgeon will be helpful.   Stay away from the gimicky "miracle" technologies that you will undoubtedly hear about.

Best Wishes!

Beautiful breasts

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Without photos it is hard to help but if you need implants and have good shape and form now, you can have nice looking breasts.  Scars and veins and stretch marks can't be removed in general unless you need a lift and some of these issues can be traded for the lift scars.

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