Scars Getting Red from Accutane? Pls Answer!

Hello, I am a male 197lb on 120ml of accutane per day. This is my third month. Recently my acne has greatly reduced!!! The only problem I have is with the red scars. I still get one small one here and there, but instead of getting dark scars the scars turn red!? I just don't know why? Also I have facial redness around where the scars are. From what I know this is quite common on accutane, and should subside after my treatment is over. Just wanted to confirm.

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Acne scars while on Accutane

What happens with acne scarring is that most people have no idea how bad their actual acne scarring was because the current acne was covering it. The redness should subside over time, but it will take a great deal of time. After you are done with the Accutane you could consider some light IPL or Laser Genesis treatments. I find this very helpful post-Accutane for many of my patients who have red acne scarring.

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