Scars Are Red, Bumpy and Itchy from Asian Eye (Belpharoplasty) Surgery, Is This Normal? (photo)

I received Asian upper eyelid surgery with regular suture and a radiowave scalpel. It’s been 3 months and I still have a deep carved scar from the incision, redness, and bumpiness. There are also random bumps and droopiness in front of my eyelid. 1. What causes these and Will/Can this redness, deep-cut scars, bumps and droopy skin disappear and healed? 2. Sometimes, eyelash and incision/cut area itches. What is causing this and should I be worried? Thank you in advance.

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Asian eyelid surgery and irritated incision problems healing

This is not completely normal. Your incision could improve in the next 3 months. Sometimes, the incision is affected by sutures that are left in there. Sometimes you have to remove the suture. The incision could require excision but you could try laser resurfacing or dermabrasion to improve the results. The bumps could be inclusion cysts that occur as the skin grows into the sutur

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Irregular results after Asian eyelid surgery

These things should be discussed with your primary surgeon. It takes months to heal.There must be a reason you picked your surgeon initially; continue your care with them unless you have some reason not to. 

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Postoperative Asian Blepharoplasty

The best thing to do is visit your surgeon and express your concerns with him/her.  Close followup is advised during this early postoperative period.

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Scars Are Red, Bumpy and Itchy from Asian Eye (Blepharoplasty) Surgery, Is This Normal?

It takes a full year for a scar to mature. Your incisions are red and itchy but there are treatments available which may expedite the healing process. Have your surgeon evaluate your scars to determine what treatment is best for you.

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Hard to know without a physical examination.

However, it appears your upper eyelid incision was irregular.  At three months you have healed quite a bit but I would recommend healing another 3 months before considering doing something about this issue.  Over a long period of time, these tend to soften and improve.

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