How can I make scars disappear without surgery?

I had breast reduction/lift about 2 years ago & it left very ugly scars on both breasts one worst than the other I'm devastated because the whole point in having the surgery done was to have an outcome of beautiful breasts., I didn't get that at all .The scar is actually smooth to the touch but it's discolored what I can do to get my breast to look normal again. don't have monies for surgery want expert responses of what I could possibly buy over counter or if anything what can be done??

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Laser treatment for scars

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Recent advances in laser technology allow us to really help scars without additional surgery. We use vascular lasers or pulsed light devices for red scars, pulsed light for dark scars and fractional lasers for raised scars. Oftentimes we use steroids applied to the fresh lasered area for additional effect. We do these protocols routinely for our surgical patients. See an experienced laser doctor for evaluation.

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