My Scars (Areola Incisions) Hurt Internally and to the Touch. - Any Ideas?

I'm 14 Months Post-op BA and Its Never Subsided. I have consistently had pain in both breasts behind each incision (areola), moreso on the right where there was a significant amount of bruising from some trauma that occurred during surgery when the doctor tried to put in a larger size did not work out. Nothing ever done about it. I made a one year appt and was put on Tetracycline and given a script for 100. Said if it works no need to come back for a follow-up. It didnt work and im not taking 100 antibiotics. Dr. mentioned "fibroidous"??

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Painful scars after augmentation.

Scars can sometimes be painful after any surgery.  Commonly these scars respond to aggressive massage to help decrease the amount of "fibrosis".

Talk to your surgeon again and get instructions on how to perform the massage.

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Painful Scars

We have had a lot of success with deep massage for painful scars.  The idea is that your scars need desensitizing.  With some moisturizer on your skin we encourage patients to rub their scars vigorously for 10 minutes 3 to 4 times a day and although it is somewhat painful at first this will almost certainly make the area go almost numb and alleviate the pain.  It usually takes a few weeks to become completely pain free.  I hope this helps.  Good luck.

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My Scars (Areola Incisions) Hurt Internally


Without a full physical exam  it is difficult to determine the source of  the pain in the area around your scars.  The diagnostic possibilities include but are not limited to keloid, hypertrophic scars, capsular contracture chronic infection, or just an area of hypersensitivity.  Depending on the diagnosis the treatment options vary, thus this may be a very treatable situation.  You should continue to see your surgeon and or get a second opinion as to the source of this pain and  it’s possible treatments. 


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