Scars and Shape After Augmentation and Lift Isn't What I Expected?

Two weeks ago I had my 500 cc HP saline implants replaced with 250 cc silicone implants and lift . I was told I would have a lollipop scar. As you can see in my pictures my scars go below my breast and my left breast is not round and the shape is different. Just wondering why or if I should be concerned. My PS said I shoulnt worry and after my breast will settle my scars would be covered. My implants have already dropped and I don't want my breast to be any lower. Should I talk to my PS again?

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Results of Breast Surgery?

Always best to address questions like this with your plastic surgeon who is in the best position to advise you.  Plastic surgeons generally do not mind calm, non accusatory communication.

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Scars and lift

There are no photos posted, so it is hard to discuss what is going on. If you are not happy, you should speak with your surgeon.

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