Why Scars After BA Are on my Chest, Not in the Crease or Above?

I had breast augmentation 2 years ago.Scars are below crease,left 2cm right 1cm below.Before surgery I had 6cm between nipple and crease on both breast and it is still the same,but between nipple and scar is 8cm on left and 7cm on right.My surgeon was very unhappy when he saw it,did not mentioned that is something wrong,but became very angry and not nice towards me.Later on he sent letter to my doctor,that scars are lower because of capsular contracturein left breast.What do you think about it?

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Scars on chest after breast augmentation

It's always helpful to have photos for the discussion. Your scar generally does not migrate, rather it's more likely that your implants have moved upward due to capsular contracture. It's important to see if this is always this way right after surgery or changed over time. If it's alway on the chestwall right after surgery then that's where the incision was made in the first place. If the scar was on the crease at the beginning but changed over time then it's more likely due to movement of the implants by the capsular contracture. If you do have capsular contracture then your breasts should feel firm, not soft. It's best to have an evaluation by either your surgeon or another qualified plastic surgeon.

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Scar Migration from IMF to Chest Wall

    Scars tend not to migrate, but implants can.  A higher implant due to capsular contracture can lift the breasts and make the scars appear lower on the chest wall.  Kenneth Hughes, MD Los Angeles, CA

Kenneth B. Hughes, MD
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Incisions and breast augmentation

Often the incision is made where the proposed fold will be when the implants are placed and settle. If you have developed a capsular contracture it may be that the implants contracted upward(most commonly) so the scar appears low.  Best to be seen in person.

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Why Scars After BA Are on my Chest, Not in the Crease or Above

It is really not possible to comment in a helpful way without some photos (before and after surgery) and some more info. It is possible that capsular contracture can elevate the implants and make the incision appear to be lower than the apparent breast crease. If the implant is soft and natural feeling, that would not be a likely explanation.

Please consider posting photos, note whether or not the implants feel too firm, whether the breasts were symmetric before surgery and now.

Think about a second opinion.  All the best. 

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