Non-scarring, Safe Mole Removal?

I'm a quite moley person,possibly inherited from my mum.After moving to Australia from Germany 7 months ago,I spotted several new really dark spots that I then got checked by two individual dermatologists. Both found that they are irregular and need to be monitored but not malignant.The other ones were of no concern. I now want to remove several moles,irregular as well as normal ones.Would radio surgery be suitable for normal moles?To what extent can scars for irregular moles be minimised?

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Best way to remove moles is through excision and laser removal depending mostly on size

If you want a biopsy excision is the best option. Otherwise, size matters in the decision making process. When they are larger than 4mm I can control the healing of the excision better. Less than this a deeper stitch is harder to put in so I am more likely to consider laser removal.

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Safe mole removal with minimal marks

Your best best to get the best cosmetic outcome is to have a dermatologist remove your moles. There are various ways for the mole to be removed, and you should make sure your dermatologist understands that the cosmetic outcome is very important to you. That said, I would remove 1 mole, and give it 3 months to heal. If you're happy with the results, then start going after the others. The cosmetic outcome is both a function of the dermatologist's skill, the location, size & depth of the mole, and your ability to heal and take care of the wound.  Dr. Benjamin Barankin, Toronto Dermatology Centre.

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