Scar Tissue Present 6 Months After Rhinoplasty - Need Advice

Its been 6 months since my 1st Rhinoplasty surgery. I have recently discovered Scarring tissue issue present just above my tip (Picture given). It feels solid and i dont like it. I visited my surgeon today and he refused to use a steroidal injection as he said it will ruine the tip of my nose. He did not mention revision surgery, however i have no other option but revision surgery by the looks of it. Is this surgery minor? Its only one small issue i want gone. It bothers me knowing its there.

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Supratip fullness after rhinoplasty

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It's difficult to give you a full assessment without examining the nose in person. After nose surgery you can develop scar tissue in the area you mention (the supratip). Patients can also get a similar persistent fullness there if there is residual cartilage in the area. It's fairly common to inject steroid to the supratip to alleviate excess scar tissue, so it may be that your surgeon thinks the fullness is from cartilage (which won't respond to a steroid).

It is possible to trim the area down using hidden incisions inside the nose if the area persists. You'd generally want to wait 1 year before doing any revisions to allow the nose to heal more, though.

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Firmness in nose

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While you may have  residual soft tissue or scarring that may need to be addresse, I would wait at least a full year from surgery, because this may get better as the final swelling subsides.

Steven Wallach, MD
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